Donation to Be Health

  • AVAILABLE 01-Feb-2017 - 31-Dec-2019
  • no stay required

Infectious diseases see no border, social class, age, gender or ethnicity. But they affect most strongly those who are most vulnerable – in both rich and poor countries. People are in the centre of Kempinski’s business model. And so is their health. That is why Kempinski made a firm commitment across the group to help to reduce HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in the countries where it operates. Kempinski supports BE Health as spreading health from the workplace to the local community is its mission. BE Health builds capacity and empowers people to prevent HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria by fostering behavioural change and community mobilisation, as well as by supporting Tuberculosis patients during their treatment and people living with AIDS.

Let us support BE Health with a USD 75 donation on your behalf. 

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• This Local Experience is valid from 16-Feb-2017 to 01-Jan-2020.

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